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Welcome to Crafting at Bourbon Creek

This is where I share my papercrafting adventures! I am obsessed with patterned paper and I love to use up a whole pad or collection at one time. Because of this, I'm always looking for new ways to craft with my stash and I enjoy sharing those ideas with you as well! Around here you'll find:

  • paper crafting projects, ideas and inspiration
  • new ways to enjoy crafting with your stash
  • crafty challenges and motivation
  • ideas for handmade gifts or craft fair sellers
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I’m a home schooling mom of 2 beautiful girls and I love crafting of all kinds! I My favorite, though, is papercrafting. I love patterned paper. I love to look at it, I love to hold it, I love to hoard it and I love to create with it! I have built up a stash that will last more than my life time, so I created a YouTube channel to share my projects with others as well as to keep myself accountable to using up the vast stash of paper I’ve built.

I started out with scrapbooking and then ventured into cardmaking. These days I make a ton of cards which I either sell, donate or use for my personal use. I am currently working on scrapbooking for myself and my 2 daughters (but am way behind). I also love to make other gift type projects with my paper. Because of all of the paper and other products I’ve collected over the years, the primary focus on my channel is on finding creative ways to use up those products and supplies. But as I’m using up items in my stash, I’m creating space to acquire new products. So, you will see some new products shared on my channel, especially as it relates to my design team and collaboration work.

I’m currently on the collaboration teams for Sheetload of Cards from Call Me Crafty Al and Kendra’s Card Challenges by Cards by Kendra.

I have also recently started creating and sharing No Scrap Sketch Sets which give you a guide and sketch(es) to help you use up your paper quickly and efficiently, while enabling you to make a quick set of cards with minimal supplies. If you are into smashing whole paper pads and collections, these sketches work great for this purpose.

I feel like my papercrafting journey has been ever-evolving and I always look forward to whichever directly it takes me next.


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