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I found a pin on Pinterest recently that showed making small gift bags out of 6×6 paper. There was no video or instructions attached, just a picture of the score lines on a 6×6 sheet. So, I decided to figure out the process and adapt this idea for a slightly larger gift bag. You can watch and make one along with me HERE.

I took 2 sheets of my 12×12 paper and cut it to 8×8.

Score the paper at 2 inches in on 2 sides and the bottom.

Fold up all of your score lines. On one of the sheets, cut in on the horizontal score lines on the bottom, until you reach the vertical score line. This will create tabs that help fold your bag together.

On the other sheet, go ahead and cut the squares formed at the bottom completely off. You won’t need these.

On the first sheet, add adhesive to the tabs you created. Fold them in to adhere to the sides of that same piece. This forms the first half of your bag.

Next, add adhesive to the outside of the bottom flap of the 2nd sheet. Adhere this bottom to the inside of the first piece.

Then, add adhesive to the outsides of the sides of this second piece and adhere them inside the first piece.

Now you have the basic bag structure. To add a handle, cut a strip that is 1x 8 inches. Adhere this strip on both ends to the inside top of your bag. If you’d like to add an additional detail, you could also add brads or eyelets to where you’ve adhered the handle onto the bag.

I also made a matching 3×3 note card to go with the bag. I took scraps of the patterned paper, trimmed it to 3×6 inches and simply folded it in half.

Now it’s time to fill your bag with a gift or goodies! I’m using my bags for some get well gift packs.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed these mini gift bags.

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